We cannot find without, that which only exists within.

Our Story

Indigo found us. The concept began to unfold after my mom and I introduced meditation into our daily routines. What felt like an ongoing wheel of stress and scurrying transformed into a slower, more grounded way of being. The peace that we experienced from this simple practice sparked a profound shift in how we organized our lives.

My mom went deeper into her practice of Jin Shin Jitzu, a Japanese healing art, and I began my path into Yoga. The wisdom, principals and techniques that I learned during my teacher trainings illuminated a profound truth. We cannot find without, that which only exists within. The sense of peace and fulfillment that I had continuously sought externally, and never found, began to take root once I learned to shift my attention inward.

At Indigo Flow & Art, we have created a space that allows you to quiet the outside world and access your inner stillness. It is our hope that the classes, workshops and events offered at Indigo will help you strengthen your inward connection, allowing your creativity, intuition and vitality to bloom.


-Katie and Julie