Indigo Flow

Peace is a practice. Constant distractions and endless to-do’s cloud our experience often leaving us drained and unavailable for the sweetness of life. Yoga offers us a way back to ourselves. Indigo Flow incorporates the holistic teachings of yoga blending asana and meditation classes in an environment designed to help you unplug and unwind.

The Studio

Indigo Flow is a non-heated yoga studio located in the heart of the Village of West Greenville arts district. Our airy esthetic, bountiful natural light and private backyard terrace will transport you to an urban oasis that reinvigorates mind, body and spirit. Our weekly class schedule features a variety of yoga asana, pilates and guided meditation.

As part of the Indigo Flow & Art outreach initiative, a percentage of all class sales are allocated towards Indigo Outreach, our afterschool yoga and mindfulness program for at-risk youth in the West Greenville, Brandon, Freetown and Woodside communities.

Vinyasa Classes

Power Vinyasa

Baptiste-inspired power yoga that links movement to breath with fast-paced sequencing of postures to challenge body and mind.


Increase your flexibility and internal awareness through a dynamic flow of postures that stretch, strengthen and align the body. Vinyasa classes move at a mindful pace with intentional transitions and creative sequencing.

Fusion Classes


Fusion style class that includes a changing sequence of static postures and intermittent flow for optimal muscle confusion and challenge.


Vinyasa class rooted in spontaneity and the intuition of the body. Students will be guided through a series of static holds designed to increase range of motion and inspire creativity in their practice.


This blast of a class fuses the core, hips and shoulder-strengthening repertoire of Pilates with the fluid grace of yoga. Classes are set to fun, upbeat music.


Gently warm and unwind your body with a brief sequence of postures to loosen the muscles before moving into deep stretches in elongated holds.

Specialty Classes

Chakra Yoga

Gentle Postures + Meditation designed to open, balance and harmonize the Chakra system, focusing on an individual energy center each week.


Discover your capacity for calm focus in this 30-minute beginner-friendly meditation class. Learn essential practices and how to apply mindfulness principles to your daily life. Leave this class refreshed and primed for a great afternoon!

Kids Yoga

Playfully introduce beginner yoga postures and concepts through group fun and activities. Focus on breath and laughter!

Mat Pilates

Developed in the early 1900s, Mat Pilates is an exercise methodology that requires a mind body connection, precision and control. Pilates can be challenging but given the proper time it truly transforms your body.


Connect to the your subtle-body in a gentle guided practice through breath and stillness.

Tween Yoga

Self-love practice that introduces postures, mindfulness and intention. Focus on self-belief, the power of words, the cultivation of unity, and the practice of empowering others


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Class Cards
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*Indigo Membership is a 90-day contract. In addition to the benefits of regular asana practice, Indigo Members also receive discounted entrance to Indigo Events and Workshops.

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